School Kitchen

This Christian Boarding School has its own kitchen, with 3 chefs.  They prepare every meal for all of the school seven days a week.  This hard to prepare because we have so many different nationalities! Advertisements


Community Service

Yesterday some of the students went to do Community Service, I am one of them.  We had a good time but is not because we hang out with our friends, it is because we’re helping people clean the river.  Doesn’t matter how tiring it is, if we still have a chance to help again, we will.

Sports result

Yesterday we had two sport games.  One of them is cross country, another one is Soccer, even we lose the game, they still had a good experience and an enjoyable time.


Classes At CCA

CCA offers a wide variety of classes.  From advanced classes like AP English to Advanced Art Classes, to United States History. These are two classes showing in the video.  The first one is part of History another class is Art.  The Art … Continue reading


First Week of School

Frist week of boarding school, I believe everyone of us has the same feeling, here is totally different than our hometown. Culture, people, and food is all different. But God has a reason for us to be here, consequently we all gotta do what God wants … Continue reading


CCA School Life Happening

This website gives you insight into student’s life here at Canyonville Christian Academy a private boarding school located in Canyonville, Oregon.  This also gives you the opportunity to see what students are doing in class, whether they are sleeping or … Continue reading