Thanksgiving Break at a Private Christian Boarding School

Last week, our private school had our Thanksgiving break.  Some of the students went with the school on a trip which was a trip to Seattle via train.  But there were several of us who stayed somewhere else with families.

The whole purpose of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what we have, thankful to God, and enjoy each others company.

As a boarding student, it’s nice to have different options, along with a break too.



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Last week, our 2nd CPR student’s list come out. There are 40 students in CPR students list.

CPR standing for Christian Charcter Personal Responibility. It is a tradition in this private christian boarding school.

Basketball Season is Coming

For students who play basketball, this is the time makes us really excited.  Basketball season is coming!  For the people who plays on the basketball team, we are doing some conditioning activities everyday.  The reason we doing that is to prepare our bodies, the better preparetion we do the better season we will have.

Canyonville Chirstian Academy Private Boarding School Bastetball