J’aime le francais.

At sixth period, there is a CRAZY class—-French class. Last Friday, we went to the play ground which is at East Campus, we took some pictures and had fun during that time, you can hear the whole playground full with … Continue reading


CCA Wacky Olympics

canyonville, boarding school has fun field day!

Last Friday, We had a great time with Wacky Olympics! When it come to the Wacky Olympics,  We had Bowing, Short Distance Running, Soccer, and other interesting courses. As we competed against other teams, we had tons of fun and … Continue reading


Watching Cinderella In English Class

Last week, we saw the movie call ”CINDERELLA” in English 1 class. Just like what read the story when you were child, there have a beautiful, gracious girl name Cinderella, and she has a step mother who is very cold, … Continue reading


CCA School Election Results

Congratulation to all of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Chaplains, & Secretary- Treasurers!!!

Wishing you all success: Pres. , Vice, Chaplain, Sec. Treas. Do your best!

Here are the results for each class here at CCA.

  •          Seniors: Pres.-Ella, Vice-Devin, Chaplain-Jerry
  •          Juniors: Pres.-Arthur, Vice-Joe, Sec.Treas.-Richard, Chaplain-Jayonna
  •          Sophomores: Pres.-Kathy, Vice-Vasily, Sec.Treas.-David E,                                       Chaplain-Precious
  •          Freshman: Pres.-Mylee, Vice-Kansas, Sec.Treas-Sasha,                                              Chaplain- Valentina

What Happened In Health Class?

Health class at CCA private boarding school

Fall is coming, the weather is becoming colder and colder…….. Health class is the first class of my day, and it’s also cold in the morning.  Today, we had a quiz for eleven body systems, and it was on different … Continue reading