How was Thanks Giving Break???

I believe students had lots of fun on the school trip & other places. Unusual circumstances presented the Boone Hall Korean guys to stay in Boone Hall for the Thanksgiving break.

First we had a mall trip, then we went to Costco, Walmart, and a huge grocery market called Sherm’s Thunder Birds. We  spent $80 each that was a GOOD deal!

We bought lobster tails, steaks, huge shrimps, and a whole bunch of grocery things.  Our favorite thing was Costco’s Ice cream!  It was huge but costs like $1.35 per serving!!!  We need to suggest to the school to bring students to Costco.  We usually ate one meal per day which sounds like crazy but the meal was good enough to last. The other day, We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Mr & Mrs.Botsford’s house which we stuffed ourselves!!!  It was short break but I think we had great vacation!!

Korean food, thanksgiving break,  bbq, barbeque, thanksgiving breakKorean food, thanksgiving breakSpicy, thanksgiving break, Korean food,


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