Pajama Day!!!! Best Day ever!!!

 We are having a good time during the spirit week. I doubt that somebody could go to class without taking a shower. Anyway, at the end of the week, the school will choose the class which participated the most,  so … Continue reading


Spirit Week!!!!

This week is the spirit week, there have been different activities for this special week everyday. Monday was PAJAMAS DAY, everyone had to wear their own pajamas to school, that was really funny to see varieties of pajamas during the … Continue reading


Have A Great Christmas Break?

Behind the missing faces, we come back to our boarding school, CCA! How was your break? Actually, I didn’t go to my home country which is South Korea, but did stay in Canyonville. We had a lot of fun  making … Continue reading


Awesome Christmas Break.

This year I had a different Christmas break than before, cause I had to take the airplane go back home! That was my first time flying to my country to celebrate Christmas.

When I got home I had to packing again! Guess what? My parents had planned to visit  Korea with travel agency! That was crazy!!!!

After I arrived home for almost two days and I than had to leave again! We did a lot of things in Korea, shopping, wearing Korea’s clothes, ski, watch a cool show, than the most interesting activity is skiing. In the beginning I couldn’t ski! It was my first time to ski, so I was scared. But after I fell down I was not scared anymore! So finally I learned how to ski!

After my Korea trip I went back to Taiwan and met some friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. That was really a great break, I think I’ll remember this forever.