JSB at Our Boarding School Is Almost Here!

JSB is a traditional banquet for Junior & Senior classes at Canyonville Christian Academy.

Junior classes are in charge of raising money to pay not only for themselves, but also for the Senior upperclassmen.

Juniors have held several fundraisers to raise enough funds for the banquet, these included a pie auction.  As a member of the Senior class, I really appreciate the Junior class’s hard work.  At the same time, I also do appreciate the Freshman & Sophomore classes for their efforts, even though they are not going to JSB.  Their time to attend the banquet is coming in a few years.

We will have a lot of fun doing various activities such as: photo time with well dressed friends, families & school faculty; bowling madness; a fancy meal at a family restaurant, and one of this year’s hottest movie Hunger Games!!!

People who are going to JSB are busy finding someone to go with or getting a fancy outfit so that they can walk out with them in front of Hinn’s Hall’s entrance (girl’s dorm).

Me? Well, I’m looking forward to spending awesome time with my buddies.


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