Girls Prepare For JSB

Every junior and senior girl is all excited about JSB… Canyonville Christian Academy, Private Boarding Schools, christian academy, study abroad, canyonville, oregon, top christian boarding schoolbecause they can wear elegant dresses and get all made up!

This year is my first year to watch JSB because I am a sophomore so I can not partake in the event, but I still can help my “sisters” to get ready for it.

I see and hear girls in the dorm all talking about JSB, things like how can they look, what dress would approved by the school, but the biggest and most interesting conversation is  who will you go with!

Also there are some girls who are not used to wearing heels so they have to learn all about it these last few days!

Everyone’s face is glowing, we can’t wait!


Few Days Till Spring Break!

Spring break is coming soon, time passes by really fast! Remember that it seems like it was just Christmas break yesterday!

We have nine days for this spring break, it is longer than our Thanksgiving break, but less than our Christmas break.

Somebody made me so jealous because they left earlier than everyone else here at the school, so they will have more days to play or be with their family.

I think spring break mean the winter is gone and spring is coming.  We have also been having a lot of rain this spring. But whether it’s raining or not,  we all have SPRING break!

Spirit Week!!!!

This week is the spirit week, there have been different activities for this special week everyday. Monday was PAJAMAS DAY, everyone had to wear their own pajamas to school, that was really funny to see varieties of pajamas during the … Continue reading


Awesome Christmas Break.

This year I had a different Christmas break than before, cause I had to take the airplane go back home! That was my first time flying to my country to celebrate Christmas.

When I got home I had to packing again! Guess what? My parents had planned to visit  Korea with travel agency! That was crazy!!!!

After I arrived home for almost two days and I than had to leave again! We did a lot of things in Korea, shopping, wearing Korea’s clothes, ski, watch a cool show, than the most interesting activity is skiing. In the beginning I couldn’t ski! It was my first time to ski, so I was scared. But after I fell down I was not scared anymore! So finally I learned how to ski!

After my Korea trip I went back to Taiwan and met some friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. That was really a great break, I think I’ll remember this forever.


Can’t Wait For Christmas Break!

Christmas break is coming soon! All of the students at CCA are ready for their awesome winter vacation! Some students are going back home to spend time with their family and friends, some people make their own plans to visit places during these … Continue reading


Wonderful Thanksgiving Break In Washington.

This year, the school trip went to Washington State during the thanksgiving break. We really hate the weather in Washington–rain and cold. Although the weather was really freezing, we still went to the water park twice, which is in the … Continue reading


Cake Fight

                             Jennifer, Damon, Noah, Yvonne, Joy(on Macy’s birthday) There always is a cake fight on someone’s birthday, and this week we had a lot of cake fights … Continue reading


J’aime le francais.

At sixth period, there is a CRAZY class—-French class. Last Friday, we went to the play ground which is at East Campus, we took some pictures and had fun during that time, you can hear the whole playground full with … Continue reading


Watching Cinderella In English Class

Last week, we saw the movie call ”CINDERELLA” in English 1 class. Just like what read the story when you were child, there have a beautiful, gracious girl name Cinderella, and she has a step mother who is very cold, … Continue reading


What Happened In Health Class?

Health class at CCA private boarding school

Fall is coming, the weather is becoming colder and colder…….. Health class is the first class of my day, and it’s also cold in the morning.  Today, we had a quiz for eleven body systems, and it was on different … Continue reading