Spring Break Is Coming!!!

We are now having a week before spring break. I guess everyone is exciting for a much needed vacation!

Yesterday we started Spiritual Emphasis Week.  We had a worship team from The Father’s House church and they led us in worshiping the Lord on Sunday night. It was great time to worship God and meet new faces from The Father’s House.

In addition, this past weekend we had a yearly event called Iron Chef Competition.  Like the TV show, the special ingredient is given by the host and this year it was the heavy whipping cream.

Here’s what happen’s at one of these events:  Each team received a $75 ticket so that they could buy any sub-ingredients from the nearby grocery store.  They then buy the needed supplies and everyone meets back in the gym where they start cooking.  Everyone wasSpiritual Emphasis Week so dedicated making their dishes that even the school chefs were quite impressive! Not only people who were in top places got recognition, but they also got certain rewards like coupons.


Pajama Day!!!! Best Day ever!!!

 We are having a good time during the spirit week. I doubt that somebody could go to class without taking a shower. Anyway, at the end of the week, the school will choose the class which participated the most,  so … Continue reading

Awesome Christmas Break.

This year I had a different Christmas break than before, cause I had to take the airplane go back home! That was my first time flying to my country to celebrate Christmas.

When I got home I had to packing again! Guess what? My parents had planned to visit  Korea with travel agency! That was crazy!!!!

After I arrived home for almost two days and I than had to leave again! We did a lot of things in Korea, shopping, wearing Korea’s clothes, ski, watch a cool show, than the most interesting activity is skiing. In the beginning I couldn’t ski! It was my first time to ski, so I was scared. But after I fell down I was not scared anymore! So finally I learned how to ski!

After my Korea trip I went back to Taiwan and met some friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. That was really a great break, I think I’ll remember this forever.

Are You Ready For Christmas Break?

We have 3 more days till Christmas. Everyone will probably go home and see the families they have been missing. Some have left earlier and now those remaining at school is getting smaller.  Yesterday, we enjoyed watching the Choir Christmas Concert … Continue reading

How was Thanks Giving Break???

I believe students had lots of fun on the school trip & other places. Unusual circumstances presented the Boone Hall Korean guys to stay in Boone Hall for the Thanksgiving break. First we had a mall trip, then we went … Continue reading

CCA Volleyball Tournament

Last Friday, we had a such great time to play volleyball tournament at the gymnasium.  As I participated in the tournament , everyone played volleyball enthusiastically.  Many of us probably remember the match, Yellow Team VS Korean Team. At one point, it seemed like the Yellow Team could beat the Korean Team, as the score was about 12:21, but the Korean Team cheered themselves up and followed the Yellow’s score to 23:25.

Even though the Korean team lost the game, this game was the most exciting game people have ever watched at here.

Good Job to all the teams!

  • 1st place: Sophie’s team
  • 2nd place: Ms.Olfert’s team
  • 3rd place:  Yellow team
  • 4th place: Micah’s team

New Hope Christian College visited CCA campus at Spiritual Emphasis Week

Yesterday, we had a awesome time with NHCC Drama team & Worship team  CCA’s Auditorium. They have awesome vocalists and great musical instruments that makes their ministry exciting.

One thing I should mention is one of their vocalist’s reached third at American Idol. By the way, the drama actors are very hilarious when they talk about their honesty & lies. And Their skit was not only funny, but also had a message for us.

We believe our God is alive and he loves us. Hallelujah Amen!

Extreme Glow Party!!!

We had lots of fun at the Glow Party here last Saturday! There was human bowling, stick wrestling, lazer tag, sticky challenge, photo zone, and a bunch of snacks and drinks.  The Neon Show was especially great! I hope I can … Continue reading